…we feel so small in the world, and don’t see how we, as individuals, have the power to make a change.  But, the beautiful thing about our tightly connected global society is how much power we actually have.  Our small acts can affect people immediately — no matter where they are in the world.

Human trafficking is, sadly, very much alive, and still lives and breathes inside the fashion industry’s supply chain.  In honor of Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we are dedicating this feature to anti-trafficking fashion brands that give their all to help put a stop to modern day slavery.  Being a conscious shopper is something you can do anytime, from anywhere.  This small act can save a life.  Now, that’s power.



…an eye-opening trip to India in 2005, Shannon Keith returned home and began her journey as an anti-trafficking fighter by launching Sudara.  Her team partnered with a sewing center in India and offered training and employment to women — to give them a “pathway to freedom.”  Now, over 10 years later, hundreds of women have the tools they need to survive on their own.  The entire loungewear line, including these ultra-cozy Punjammies® Pants, is made in India, and each purchase supports women working to stay free.

Founded by visionary James Bartle, Outland Denim is a company that sees beyond profits and into the souls of each of its team members.  “We know each of our seamstresses by name, they earn a living wage and are given support to build a bright future for themselves.  They are the reason we do what we do.”  After witnessing the devastating human-trafficking hunt firsthand, James created the “Denim Project” to offer girls a safe employment opportunity.  Dedicated to premium design and craftsmanship, you might want to try this epic brand on for size.



…in Long Beach, CA, just streets away from known human-trafficking sites, Jen Bedrossian joined the fight by launching UNCVRD, a jewelry line that stands behind a beautiful product, and a beautiful mission.  For each piece purchased, UNCVRD donates 40% of the proceeds to local non-profit partners that support trafficking victims and girls in vulnerable situations.  Handcrafted with high-quality metals, gemstones and crystals, each piece is meant to “withstand years of love and wear — to fit your busy lifestyle and the size of your heart.” UNCVRD, we heart you…and this show-stopping ring.

This #EVERYWOMAN brand is one to know about: Tome was founded in 2011, and by 2013, joined the New York Fashion Week collective.  Ethically produced with an inclusive and diverse focus, founders Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin brought their fashion expertise to this “clean cut” clothing line. These gorgeous white tops are part of the White Shirt Project — symbols of “a new start” — and each season, one exclusive style is added to the collection.  30% of proceeds are donated to Freedom For All, a NYC-based foundation that fights human trafficking.



…learning about the “extreme oppression women faced as commercial sex workers” in India, college student Colleen Clines rounded up a small team and launched Anchal.  The co-founders began the funding by selling handmade notebooks and notecards — and used the $400 raised to purchase a sewing machine. This humble start turned into a remarkable company that offers training and job opportunities to women forced into sex trade.  Each purchase helps to provide an artisan with a full-time job, healthcare benefits and more.  You can feel the love handstitched into every piece, like their artisan-crafted scarf made of 100% organic cotton — and hope.

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