Introducing Sonya Lan & Her New Book

It’s Women’s History Month, and here at Two Wings we’re highlighting a survivor who is using her inspiring story to give back to the community. Sonya Lan is the definition of strength, wisdom, and hope. Sonya is a life & business coach helping women discover their...

The Beauty of Appreciating Your Life

In the age of social media, comparing yourself to others is almost inevitable. However, it can be damaging to your emotional health. If you’re like me, then social media has probably made you feel unworthy and frustrated about your life.

Protecting Yourself

I’m always cautious when I’m in a new place and alone. To others, I may be paranoid, but after learning about sexual harassment in the workplace and cyber safety, I think it’s necessary to be protective of my personal safety.

Sex Trafficking: The Plight of Boys

One of the reasons I joined Two Wings was because I wanted to be a part of a cause that serves young women who had been mistreated by men. Mistakenly, I assumed that young women were the only ones who suffered the plight of domestic sex trafficking. I soon learned that there are boys and young men who suffer in silence.

The Power of Story

Each time a survivor shares their story it requires a great deal of courage and bravery. The first time I shared my story I was very emotional. But as time passed I felt empowered, and proud that I was able to help others find freedom…

Modern Slave – A film by Dan Sima

Modern Slave is a film written by Spencer Currie and Dan Sima about a young girl in Los Angeles fighting to escape sex trafficking. We had an opportunity to interview Dan and find out more about what motivated them to write this film and how he became aware of the realities of trafficking in the Los Angeles area…